Posted on February 2 by ITSmart
Sick of worrying about IT? Here are our top tips to make your life easier

It’s hard not to worry about IT when you run a business. IT is pretty much the backbone of an organisation and when something goes awry with your IT, the ramifications can be significant. Not only that but the issues that could go wrong are plentiful. IT fears that keep business owners awake at night …

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Posted on November 20 by ITSmart
What is a modern workplace and how can your business become one?

With dynamic technology constantly being rolled out, the workplace is changing. With the right infrastructure, employees can access meetings, files and colleagues from pretty much anywhere. As a result, the modern workplace has become a virtual office where employers enable staff with technology to enhance real-time collaboration between colleagues and clients. This level of access …

Modern Workplace Best Practices
Posted on September 24 by ITSmart
Why working with a Managed Service Provider who understands small business IT is crucial

While larger enterprises usually have the resources to employ multiple full-time IT staff, SMEs often don’t have the budget to employ even one full-time person, let alone specialists in areas like security or desktop support. As a result, many SMEs outsource their IT. But no small business can afford to work with just any Managed …

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Posted on August 7 by ITSmart
Is IT a pain-point for your small business? Why not try Managed Services?

In today’s fast-moving digital world, small businesses can often get left behind. Big players employ large IT teams to keep things running and make decisions that ensure staff have the right tools to be productive and efficient.  But with small businesses and start-ups, it’s often the business owner or a key staff member who becomes the ‘go-to’ IT person. …

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Posted on May 27 by ITSmart
Office 365 Migration: Our top 5 commonly asked questions

Microsoft Office 365 can give you increased security, easy collaboration tools and make your workplace more efficient. And that’s just the start of the reasons to consider an Office 365 migration. We’ve consulted with many organisations about moving to the cloud-based Office 365 environment and the same questions come up time and time again. Here …

Learn About Office 365 Migration
Posted on May 21 by ITSmart
Protect your small business against social engineering

Data or system breaches are potentially the number one risk for many businesses. The threat is just as real for small business owners as it is for enterprise leaders – whether it be from theft, disruption or damage, malicious or accidental.  Some threats are easier to manage than others – but there is one source …

What Is Social Engineering?