Posted on November 20 by ITSmart
What is a modern workplace and how can your business become one?

With dynamic technology constantly being rolled out, the workplace is changing. With the right infrastructure, employees can access meetings, files and colleagues from pretty much anywhere.

As a result, the modern workplace has become a virtual office where employers enable staff with technology to enhance real-time collaboration between colleagues and clients. This level of access and collaboration has a positive effect on productivity, creating a connected and efficient workforce.


Why is a modern workplace important for SMB?


To remain competitive and at the forefront of business, organisations should consider transforming to a modern workplace model. Not transforming puts SMBs at risk of not evolving with the rest of the business market.

The benefits of a modern workplace include:

1. Improved staff retention. Modern workplaces leverage software that allows staff to work in a way that best suits them. This creates a positive connection to the company and improves staff retentions.

2. Unmatched communication. Modern workplace tools such as Microsoft Teams offer unrivalled communication for companies. The real time communication and notification options ensure that work progresses and projects do not get lost amongst email clutter.

3. Increased productivity. By allowing staff to work flexibly, from an office or remotely, and by using advanced modern workplace tools, businesses can increase their productivity.

4. Attract high calibre staff. A modern generation want, and expect, a modern workplace, providing one will enable you to attract a higher calibre of applicants for roles.


Whilst the theory behind a modern workplace is quite simple and easy to understand, the process of transforming into one can be a little more complicated.  Introducing new technologies and processes can be met with resistance. To combat this, businesses should ensure they invest in the necessary training and change management.

Migrating to cloud-based technologies needs to be done correctly and by specialists to ensure the business requirements are being catered to. Additionally, employees need to understand and buy into these changes. Adoption of a modern workplace is likely to be much better when employees are provided with the necessary support during the transformation.


Where do you start?


It can be a daunting endeavour but once you have decided to become a modern workplace you must evaluate your current processes and technologies. It is crucial that you understand and refine your processes before trying to identify the best tool to use.

Once your processes are clearly defined then you can begin your transformation. Some tips to guide you in the right direction include:

  • Spend time evaluating your current situations and requirements and also where you expect your business to be in the coming years, what change and growth are you expecting?
  • Do your research and consider the specific needs of your business. With multiple solutions available it is important you take the time to identify the right fit.
  • Plan your implementation and communicate it to your staff. Be transparent about the transformation and provide regular updates to your staff as well as training. Focussing on the benefits of the modern workplace will increase adoption rates.
  • Don’t forget about security. If you are moving data to the Cloud, make sure you understand the options to secure your data and systems.
  • Seek expert support to ensure the transformation is successful.


How can an IT partner help you reach your modern workplace goal?


It is unlikely that your business has existing IT and modern workplace experts inhouse. Specialised IT providers can help transform your business into a modern workplace.

Opt for a partner who has experience assisting businesses similar to yours and with proven success implementing a modern workplace. An IT partner will understand the pitfalls and help make the transformation process run smoothly.

An IT partner will also provide an opportunity for staff to contact experts with any problems or questions ensuring that they do not waste valuable time trying to resolve the issues themselves.


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