Posted on February 2 by ITSmart
Sick of worrying about IT? Here are our top tips to make your life easier

It’s hard not to worry about IT when you run a business. IT is pretty much the backbone of an organisation and when something goes awry with your IT, the ramifications can be significant. Not only that but the issues that could go wrong are plentiful. IT fears that keep business owners awake at night include:

  • Losing data
  • Being hacked
  • Viruses
  • Being unable to access data

Whether you run an SMB or a global enterprise, you should ensure that you have the right support IT solutions in place and the expertise to protect, maintain and develop your IT systems.


Inevitable IT considerations for every business


As with any business consideration, budget will play a part in your IT plans. SMB IT services can vary in pricing significantly, but it is crucial to understand what your support IT solutions include to ensure your business is suitably protected. Whilst this support may seem costly, trying to reduce service fees at the expense of security may actually be a much more expensive option in the long run.

Security should be a primary focus for all businesses and a key component of any IT plan and service. When you consider that globally, a hacker attacks every 39 seconds, the need to implement security is a given. On top of this, businesses are increasingly targeted by crypto viruses and malware with 94% of malware being delivered by email. Identifying the risks your business is exposed to will allow you to create a detailed disaster recovery plan. This plan should include information on how and where your data is backed up and how the business will continue to function in the event of a disaster.

Another inevitable IT consideration is ensuring your staff stay productive. This means having access to internet and IT applications that enable them to keep working. Having out of date or clunky technology in place may seriously hamper your staff’s ability to deliver on tasks. A 2019 survey revealed nearly 50% of executives believed technology improves employee engagement when it provides ease of access to information.  If technology is a barrier to your employee productivity, this could in fact be costing your business a significant amount of money over 12 months.

Speaking of IT products that increase productivity, all businesses should consider how well the software in place allows for internal and external collaboration. With new technology that offers unmatched collaboration, businesses should be constantly assessing the tools in place to ensure they enable the required level of collaboration.

And what happens when something does go wrong? You need to ensure you have expertise available to resolve problems whether they be minor frustrations or major issues. Not having support on hand can once again cost a business in wasted time.


ITS’s top 3 tips to help CEOs rest easy when it comes to IT


1. Your time is valuable. It does not make sense to use your time on IT when you are running a business. It is far more cost effective to enlist a trusted expert to focus on all things IT and allow you to focus on running the business.

2. Update your technology to ensure you have the right solutions in place to minimise issues. This covers everything from end user applications and programs to server configuration. Work with an expert to ensure that your IT infrastructure meets the needs of your specific business.

3. Never ignore security. Implementing the correct security features will save time and money in the long run, not to mention help you sleep at night!


Choose a partner that understands your IT needs


IT Smart Solutions have a wealth of experience, having been looking after SMEs in Sydney since 2005. We provide support IT solutions for a fixed cost per user per month, resulting in a fixed IT budget with no unexpected surprises.

We are experienced in ensuring business’ IT is secure as well as provide helpdesk support so that employees can seek help to resolve issues quickly, without having to bother the CEO.

To find out more about how IT Smart Solutions can help your business, explore our range of plans and contact us today.