Basic Standard Advanced Advanced Plus
Managed Microsoft and 3rd Party Patching, Enterprise Antivirus
Server Monitoring and Maintenance
Unlimited support calls and Maintenance
10 % Discount on standard hourly rate
Enterprise internet connection
Office 365 Subscription
VOIP telephone service with handset

Desktop/Laptop Security

The threat to business today from malware or ransom wear is enormous with new variants appearing every day.
The best defense against malware is not only to have up to date anti-virus installed on your computer but also to make sure that all current security patches for both Microsoft and 3rd Party software such as Adobe or Java have been installed on your computer.

Our Desktop Security Package includes not only an Enterprise Anti-Virus solution but also we can manage and automate all the security updates for both Microsoft and 3rd party vendors on your computers to ensure that malware and ransom wear threats are minimized without having to rely on your users to constantly apply these updates.

On Premise Server

If you have your own on premise server it is not only important to protect it with an Anti-Virus product and to apply appropriate security updates but also to make sure that regular maintenance tasks are completed and key services are proactively monitored.

Our On Premise Server package includes the same Enterprise Anti-Virus solution and managed security updates but also includes proactive maintenance tasks and monitoring of key services on your server such as disk space, backups, availability. On top of this customers who subscribe to this package get a 10% discount on the standard hourly rate for any helpdesk tickets they raise.

Fully Managed

Would you like to have a helpdesk that your users can call to get assistance with their IT issues ?

Our Fully Managed package not only includes all the security and proactive maintenance features in the other packages but also includes unlimited helpdesk support during normal working hours.

Kick Starter

Perfect for SME or Startups, this package has all the inclusions of our Fully Managed service but we can also include internet connectivity, email, file storage and telephony amongst other features that will help get your business up and running.

Onsite and Offsite Managed Backups

We offer the most comprehensive cloud data backup solutions for small to medium enterprises (SME) throughout Sydney CBD and the suburbs.

Web content filtering

For a single monthly payment we can offer a web filtering service so that you can block employees from visiting websites that you chose to restrict.


We offer enterprise Anti Spam solutions all for a fixed monthly cost and no contract.



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