Posted on May 14 by ITSmart
More than just good passwords and anti-virus. This is what IT security means for small business.

As a small business owner, securing your business and customer data is no doubt on your mind. You probably have an anti-virus, (may or may not) have good passwords in place and most of your data is in the cloud. Is that enough? You’re not sure. Does it matter? Probably not; you’re an unlikely target …

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Posted on February 5 by ITSmart
How modern is your digital workplace?

  “Modern workplace” – it’s quite the buzz word. Every SME we talk to wants to be a ‘modern workplace’. Because they know they need to be a ‘modern workplace’ to attract the best team, give them tools and flexibility for how and when they work and to protect their digital assets. But how do …

Modern Workplace Best Practices
Posted on February 13 by ITSmart
Top 10 IT lessons from 13 years working with SMEs

One of the stand-out differences between SMEs that will thrive and those that will struggle from here on is how well they integrate technology into their business. It used to be the case that sophisticated and powerful tech was only available to enterprises. New solutions and an evolving technology landscape have changed this. SMEs have …

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Posted on October 31 by ITSmart
Office collaboration tools: Here are the top reasons to consider Office 365.

Microsoft’s Office 365 continues to gain traction as the leading business cloud service. It’s for good reason – and not just for the big business end of town. If you are a SME looking to upgrade from an on-premise environment or a start-up considering your technology options, it’s worth your while to take a serious …

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Posted on August 11 by ITSmart
Data security for SMEs – don’t be an easy target for hackers

Data security threats, such as from ransomware, are becoming increasingly common and are putting a wider range of businesses at risk. While high profile attacks on large organisations attract the most media attention, smaller sized businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable.  And while these types of attacks may have had limited success in the past, for …

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Posted on July 21 by ITSmart
How your small business could benefit from the latest technologies

Let’s face it, in the past the IT infrastructure options for your small business have been limited. You were constrained by the level of risk you would be willing to take on and by the server capacity your budget could afford.

The Benefits of IT