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Posted on May 21 by ITSmart
Knowledge is power, so it’s time to take control. Protect your small business against social engineering.

Data or system breaches are potentially the number one risk for many businesses. The threat is just as real for small business owners as it is for enterprise leaders – whether it be from theft, disruption or damage, malicious or accidental.  Some threats are easier to manage than others – but there is one source …

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Posted on May 14 by ITSmart
More than just good passwords and anti-virus. This is what IT security means for small business.

As a small business owner, securing your business and customer data is no doubt on your mind. You probably have an anti-virus, (may or may not) have good passwords in place and most of your data is in the cloud. Is that enough? You’re not sure. Does it matter? Probably not; you’re an unlikely target …

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