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Are you in Recruitment? Use data to get ahead of the curve.


While old-school recruiting may have relied on building long-term relationships and antiquated tech, these days data-driven recruitment is the only way to stay on top of trends in the market, predict emerging workplace shifts, and remain agile in the ever-changing landscape.

Some of the ways recruitment firms can leverage IT solutions for success include:

  • Accessing analytics to improve processes: Thanks to collaborative tools and analytics software, recruitment firms can measure KPIs such as cost per hire, time per hire, job acceptance rates, and more to make tangible changes to their internal systems and recruitment methods.
  • Enhancing candidate experience: By automating feedback and analysing candidate behaviours, recruitment firms can alter their candidate profiles and determine pain points in the hiring process. Additionally, automated follow-ups, welcome emails, and timely communication can form the foundation of a positive candidate experience.
  • Improve job postings: Recruitment firms can use data analytics to create fully optimised job postings that include keywords, phrases, and the right keyword density that also entices candidates and accurately describes the role.
  • Forecast trends: The covid-19 pandemic highlighted the flexibility and resilience of the job market in the face of a massive shift. Recruiters need the business IT support of analytics to forecast changes, identify talent gaps and realign their internal processes to better reflect future job markets and unexpected events.

Forward-thinking recruitment firms should consider the benefits of collaborative tools in Microsoft 365 as features such as data capturing in MS forms or automated calendar booking provide the foundation for streamlined recruitment processes.


Are you in law? Embrace automation for quick and accurate document management.


Whether it’s document review, case management, billing, or storage, the legal profession relies on transparent and streamlined document management for success.

Software tools, AI algorithms, and automated workflows enable legal teams to manage their documentation and internal systems efficiently. For example, a document management system (DMS) empowers team members to organise, share, manage, and store documents on a collaborative platform.

Some ways law firms are embracing business IT support and leveraging a DMS include the following:

  • Greater collaboration: Team members can create and store documents quickly and securely on the DMS. This allows several team members to work on the same document simultaneously, drastically reducing administrative back and forth.
  • More robust security and backups: Version control, security protection, and backup systems mean that documents are more securely stored than in a traditional filing system.
  • Boosted efficiency: According to a 2022 Thomas Reuters Survey, 81% of private practice professionals noted more efficient processes as their preferred way of working. It’s no surprise as a DMS empowers law firms to automate repetitive tasks such as document indexing, storage, and retrieval freeing up team members to do what they do best.


Are you in accounting? Unlock the power of cloud software.


Cloud-based accounting software has exploded in popularity due to its ease of compliance, access options, and intuitive UX designs. One of the top features of accounting cloud solutions is the ability of all team members to access financial data at any time, in any place, from any device.

Additional benefits of this approach include the following:

  • Streamlined processes: Accounting is, by nature, an administratively heavy industry. Cloud-based accounting software includes automated software backups and installations as well as automating time-heavy tasks such as data entry, bank reconciliation, and invoicing.
  • Prepare for growth: Ambitious accounting firms with growth plans require a software solution that grows with them to support the needs of new clients and team members. A managed software provider can facilitate business IT support that adapts to evolving business needs.
  • Real-time client support: Due to the sensitivity and importance of financial data and management, clients expect real-time financial insights. With a cloud-based solution, team members log in and access the required data and relay it in real time— contributing to an enhanced client experience.


Do you run an NFP? Make donors’ data security your highest priority.


Donors are the lifeblood of any not-for-profit, and these foundational relationships must be nurtured to ensure the organisation’s ongoing success.

One of the leading ways not-for-profits can leverage digitisation for better outcomes is through a donor management system (DMS). A DMS allows NFPs to manage key stakeholders through tracking interactions, monitoring campaigns, and providing customised integrated services to their specific needs.


Due to the sensitivity of data in the NFP sector, additional benefits of cloud services include:


  • Comprehensive cyber security policies: NFPs can create clear cyber security policies that dictate the roles and responsibilities of employees while simultaneously targeting high-risk areas and preparing response procedures.
  • Regularly back up data: Regular data backups prevent data loss and protect against bad actors attempting to hack information systems.
  • Update software: NFPs can update their system with the latest security patches to protect against vulnerabilities as cyber-attacks become more and more sophisticated.


Expertly managed IT services are the key to success no matter the industry.


In today’s fast-moving and unpredictable business landscape, having a solid IT strategy is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

Our small business IT services have helped countless businesses in a whole range of industries from wind farms  to hospitality streamline their processes, automate systems, and position themselves for long-term success with a resilient IT framework.

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