Office 365

Office 365 Setup, Implementation, Installation and Migration in Sydney CBD

As your dedicated IT management arm, we handle all of your computing and software, to allow you to get back to what you do best and concentrate on your own business.

To bring your small to medium company into cloud computing, choose Microsoft’s cloud-based system that provides secure and immediate data storage.

Our installation service transitions all your data and documents from your older version of Windows software to the up-to-date Office 365, without losing any information in the process.

Office 365 Options

The Microsoft Office 365 Solution essentially comprises of 3 options

1. Mailbox and online versions of office only (No desktop office software)

2. Desktop install of most recent Office Software Suite only. No mailbox or SharePoint access.

3. Combination of option 1 and 2 i.e. mailbox with full desktop software.

Both option 1 and option 3 also come with access to SharePoint to enable you to share files within your company along with other information. Also included is Yammer a great way to enable communication between employees in a similar way to familiar social networks. 

It should be noted that all Australian Office 365 data is now stored in Australia and replicated across multiple data centres. Other cloud providers outside of Australia do not often store data on local Australian servers.

For any enquiries about Cloud solutions please be sure to contact our Sales team who will be happy to guide you on the options available.

Our Office 365 implementation

Completing your own Office 365 migration can take a long time, and can be difficult to complete when you don’t know what you’re doing. The process involves many interlocking factors: network connections that may drop out, high-power security firewalls, CAS servers, proxy devices and registration issues.

Rather than attempt the installation alone, you need an expert IT consultant to handle the process for you.

With our automated setup processes, we are able to complete the transition and solve any problems that may arise, to help you get on the cloud sooner.

Why choose our service?

Our migration plans boast many features that put us at the top of our field.

  • Office 365 installation and setup by a certified technician
  • No downtime during the implementation so you can use your computer (and, more importantly, your emails) during this time
  • An efficient and streamlined transition that will save you time and money
  • Staged migration available, particularly when you have a slower network connection
  • Full security features to protect your information, during and after the migration

How can we help

Our Office 365 setup services install the software on your office network in Sydney and surrounds. As your outsourced IT management service, we handle your data backups and cloud computing requirements, so you don’t have to.

Contact our customer service help desk in the Sydney CBD to discuss your migration. We will provide any information you need in order to make the software transition easier.